Welcome to CHAPA, which means local guide in Portuguese.  We are an urban lab focused on the creation, analysis, and visualization of data to help citizens and their governments transform the future of cities. 


CHAPA is part of an emerging movement concerned with how data evolves into elements that enhance human resiliency in cities. Comprised by an interdisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners, CHAPA defines data as a mediator between design methods and outcomes. From this unique position, CHAPA work uses data to cultivate innovative connections among the decision-making processes that shape how cities are built, inhabited, and managed.


Chapa innovates within the urban data movement by infusing urban mapping with field-based work to simulate future cities and their diverse environments. This evidence provides a basis for evaluating policy efficacy, design systems, and constructed outcomes.


CHAPA was established in the context of a United States National Science Foundation SBE Postdoctoral Fellowship at The University of Texas at Austin (2015-2017), and is now a research platform based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Austin, Texas.


Explore our interactive database, ComuniDADOS, here. 


Learn about CHAPA'S origins through the film below, presented at the 2016 United Nations Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador.